Unmissable Black Friday Deal -Set Up And Run Your Own Business For Just 82 Cents Per Day!

Be Your Own Boss!

If  you have ever dreamed of setting up your own Online business, but thought that  you would never be able to afford to do that, take another look at the title above, stop dreaming and make it happen!

No,  you are not seeing things! You can indeed learn exactly how to set up and run your own business for just 82 cents per day! And  you never need to spend any more than that!

No doubt  you are now thinking “How is that possible?”

And the simple answer is by learning at

So What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

You will not find anything else to remotely compare with Wealthy Affiliate anywhere!

The training which  you can find there will show  you how to do absolutely everything up your need to do to build and run your own successful business.

This includes choosing your niche and building your website on WordPress, getting it up and going and recognised on Google, and monetising your site.

The training is easy to follow even if  you are completely “non-techie”, and you can work through it in your own time.

Even if  you already have your own website,  you are able to transfer it to the free hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, which would save you up to about $125 per year! And however much experience  you have, I would be truly amazed if up you did not find the help and training at Wealthy Affiliate invaluable!

The following posts will give  you all the information  you need about it.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

What is So Great About Wealthy Affiliate?

And Right Now Is The Very Best Time To Join Wealthy Affiliate!


Because from November 23rd-26th youcan take advantage of the amazing Black Friday Sale and get a whole year’s Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate for just $299, which, as  you have probably worked out, is just 82 cents per day!

Black Friday sale

The rest of the year  you would have to pay $359 for a year’s membership!

Although that is still a great saving when compared with the monthly cost of $47!

So go ahead and grab this amazing deal by clicking here!

Still Not Sure?

No Problem!!

Why not join as a Free Member with absolutely no obligation right now?

You will then have a chance to look around the inside of Wealthy Affiliate and see what up your think.

If  you then decide that it is just what  you have been looking for, then  you have up until midnight on the 26th to take advantage of the Black Friday Offer.

To join as a Free Member click here.

But if $299 is a bit too much right now….

Then please don’t worry!

You can still join right now as a Free Member, and then  you can upgrade to be a Premium member at a cost of $19 for the first month, and $49 per month subsequently, and  you will still get the chance to take advantage of next year’s Black Friday Sale if you  wish!

What other costs are involved?

There truly are no other costs involved in order to get your first website up and running!

All website hosting is completely free with SiteRubix, which quite honestly is the best website hosting I have ever found, and the Website Support is always there whenever  you should need it, 24/7.

Free Members are entitled to build two free websites, and Premium members can built up to 25!

So the only other cost which  you may incur is if  you choose to purchase a .com website, which will cost around $13 per year, and you are also able to use the free hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate if for anyone who has or would like to have an Online Business.

If  you already have your own website, then as a Premium member you can simply move your website to the free SiteRubix hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, thus saving yourself all future hosting fees!

This can be a massive saving for  you of around $120 per year, and is available for Premium members. Premium members are entitled to free hosting for up to 25 .com websites, in addition to up to 25 free .Siterubix websites.

So if  you do have your own website, then if you choose to take advantage of the Black Friday Offer  you can then take the cost of hosting your own website from the price of joining Wealthy Affiliate! That would take your price down to around $179 per year.

And if  you have more than one website – well I’m sure that  you can see the massive advantage  you will get. It is super easy to change  you hosting to Siterubix too!

And  you will have all of the amazing facilities available at Wealthy Affiliate that will without doubt help  you to take your business to the next level. These truly have to be seen to be believed, and  you can find more details about them here.

If  you are a complete beginner then at Wealthy Affiliate  you can learn absolutely everything  you need to create and run your own website and to set up your own Online Business.

You will find that there is always someone to help  you every step of the way, and to answer whatever questions  you may have –  you only have to ask!

So Grab This Once a Year Opportunity and take Advantage of the Great Black Friday Sale!

…. and join Wealthy Affiliate for almost half of the price of the monthly payments!

In addition, when you take advantage of the Black Friday offer, you will never  have to pay more than $299 for your yearly subscription!

I did exactly, and I am so very glad that I did!!

You will be so very glad that  you did too. It truly is the best investment  you could ever make in yourself and your business.

If  you are reading this before the Black Friday Offer starts, please do book mark the page and come back again on November 23rd. I am really looking forward to meeting  you properly at Wealthy Affiliate.

If  you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them in the Comments box below, and I will be happy to reply to  you as soon as I possibly can.

Many thanks for dropping by:)

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12 thoughts on “Unmissable Black Friday Deal -Set Up And Run Your Own Business For Just 82 Cents Per Day!”

  1. Black Friday is the best deal ever.  There is no where else that will teach you everything that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you for only $299 for the whole year.  Other programs will charge that much or more for one course, that does not include all the help you can get for an entire year, plus all the training and hosting.  I just became a member late Oct so that I could take advantage of this awesome deal, later this month, can’t wait.

    1. Hi Shy

      You have made an awesome decision to join Wealthy Affiliate just in time to take advantage of the Black Friday Deal.

      You did exactly he right thing – you have given yourself the chance to find out just how great Wealthy Affiliate is, and have joined at exactly the right time.

      I wish you every success, and I look forward to meeting you properly at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Many thanks for your comment

      Chrissie 🙂

  2. I remember when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. I may not have been certain at first if I was going to stay. But that’s in the past. This is the real deal.

    You can’t beat $299 a year for what Wealthy Affiliate offers! It’s a no-brainer because other wise it’s $359 a year.But the value in the program cannot be beat. The training alone is worth it! But the keyword tools, support, website hosting, and everything else are extremely valuable.

    I knew I was staying so why wouldn’t I take advantage of the Black Friday Deal? Everyone should because it’s the best deal you’ll ever get online!Can’t wait until Black Friday!

    1. Hi Rob

      I couldn’t agree with you more, that is exactly how I feel about Wealthy Affiliate! 

      I just want to tell the world how brilliant it is, and what they are missing out on by not being a member!

      I am really looking forward to Black Friday too!!

      Very many thanks for your comment.

      Chrissie 🙂

  3. Hello Chrissi the black Friday offer is really good and it really shows that Wealthy Affiliate cares and try to accommodate everybody from different walks of life. As for me i am having no money for now and if it was not for that i would be paying right now so i could save and run my business for the whole year at a much less price.

    So since i have to upgrade in March i am still trying to think and budget for that time.

    1. Hi Ngamshiii

      Yes, the offer is really good and as you say, it does show that Wealthy Affiliate really want to make their platform as accessible as they possibly can for everyone.

      I do hope that you will be able to find the budget to take advantage of this deal.

      Many thanks for your comment

      Chrissie 🙂

  4. Perfect promotion of Wealthy Affiliate here in this post. And of course as we promote Wealthy Affiliate, we promote our sites. Detail is awesome. Site is attractive. Very helpful tips. 

    This will help many folks who are interested in building their own websites in affiliate marketing.  But do not forget that guidelines and instructions do not mean a thing if not properly adhered to and executed.

    Thanks for the share.


    1. Hi Joe

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      My whole purpose is to help people with their Affiliate Marketing businesses, but as you say, 

      they must want to help themselves too!

      Take care

      Chrissie 🙂

  5. Hi Chrissie,

    I too, actually almost 4 years ago, joined Wealthy Affiliate which I had found through another member’s website.

    I signed up as a Free Member and tried everything out as a “Free Premium” member for 7 days before becoming a premium member for good. I never since looked back. 

    Your review is fantastic and I am glad that I am a part of this great affiliate platform. There is so much to learn but there are also so many helping tools.

    I really can agree to everything you have mentioned in your article.

    Thanks for sharing it with the World 🙂 

    1. Hi Sylvia

      Thank you so much for proving to everyone how great Wealthy Affiliate is, and how it really works.

      The chance to sign up as a free member and look around from the inside, is unique, and is so helpful to anyone who really wants to find out  more about it before they commit, which is just what you did, and the fact that you have now been there for four years adds to the proof that it is the best place to be if you want to learn and promote Affiliate Marketing.

      Very many thanks for your comment 

      Chrissie 🙂

  6. I was first attracted to the Wealthy Affiliate education after being led to believe that they offer free training, but, I see from your article that they charge $47 a month for a premium version. 

    Is it at all possible to build a business with the free model, and make a success out of it that way?

    The reduced Black Friday price of $299 is pretty good, but I’d really like to find out about the free version first…

    1. Hi Chris

      Yes, it is quite possible to build a business using the free platform, and there is no problem with trying out the free version. You get complete access to the whole site for seven days, but if you want to continue as a free member after that time, then that is quite possible too,

      If you join as a free member now, you will have the best part of a month to decide whether you would like to take advantage of the Black Friday deal too.

      I do hope that you will make the decision to join us, and I look forward to meeting you there.

      Many thanks for your comment

      Chrissie 🙂

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