What Is MTTB About? My Personal Review

What Is MTTB About?

What is MTTB about? MTTB (My Top Tier Business), now known as the 21 Steps, is the entry level to MOBE (My Online Business Education).

Name: MTTB – My Top Tier Business

My Online Business Education (MOBE)

Website url: www.mobe.com
Price: $49 + 19.95/mth + upsells (up to $29,997)
Business Location: Malaysia
Owner: Matt Lloyd

In this post I will try to explain exactly what is MTTB about, and give you the pros and cons so that if you are thinking about joining it, you will be able to make an informed decision.

I myself have been through this program, so I do know what I am talking about.

BUT I must stress that before you start any kind of Online or Affiliate Marketing it is of an enormous help to know exactly what is involved in online marketing, and the best way to go about it!

My Number 1 Recommendation is that you go through the training which is offered at Wealthy Affiliate University. I had not discovered Wealthy Affiliate at the time when I joined MOBE, and I know that I would have found everything so much easier if I had completed that training before I joined!

You will be told that MOBE is a complete “business in a box”, that you do not need any prior skills and nor do you need a website.

I do not agree with that. When you have your own website, you are much more in control. If you have a limited budget, you will not need to buy expensive traffic, you will be able to find your leads “organically”. You will learn all of this, and everything else you may need in the Wealthy Affiliate training.

MTTB is the entry level to MOBE, and costs $49 to join.

What you get for your $49

Once you sign up with MTTB for the 21 Step program, two things will happen:

  • You will get a phone call from a coach who will ask you some questions to ascertain whether you are a good match for the program
  • If you are considered to be a good match, you will be given access to the first three steps, or lessons.

When you have completed the first three steps you will need to contact your coach, either by phone or through Skype. Your coach will ask you some questions about what you have learned, and will then open the next three steps for you.

A Word About the Coaches

The first thing you should understand is that the coaches at MOBE are not there for the good of their health!

You will probably get a coach who is in the same country as you if that is possible, although the coaches live all over the world.

Some coaches are extremely good and helpful, and make themselves available to you for anything that you need to ask, but some are not that good. I was lucky enough to get a really good coach, but from conversations on the MTTB Facebook page, other members were not so lucky. The Facebook page has some very helpful members who are happy to help fellow members with any problems they may have.

After Step 6.

When you have completed Step 6, you will be asked to upgrade to Silver Certification level at a cost of a one-time payment of $2497 + $27 per month for Inner Circle Membership.

This comes as quite a shock to those members who had not realised that there was a mandatory upsell!

But wait!

Although the coaches will try to persuade you to upgrade (it is in their interests to do so), and some of them will refuse to open the rest of the steps for you, it is in fact definitely not necessary to do so. It definitely is not mandatory!

They will probably also suggest that you take out a loan or max out your credit cards in order to upgrade. Absolutely do not do that in any circumstances!!!

If you do not want to upgrade, then the coach can still open the rest of the steps for you, and most will do so. But you will no longer have access to your coach until and if you do decide to upgrade.

If your coach tells you that he can’t, that is just not true. When you contact “Support” and explain your problem, the steps will be opened for you.

It can be a disadvantage that you will no longer have access to your coach, but it need not be. It all depends how you originally joined MOBE, on who it was who first invited you to join.

For example, anyone who joined through my link would have full access to my email, and I would be available and more than happy to answer any questions which you may have as you go through the rest of the Steps.

What to do When You Have Completed the 21 Steps

We have seen that whether or not you decide to upgrade to the next stage, you have the option to complete the 21 Steps, followed by the 30 Day Traffic Training.

By this stage you should be able to understand what is MTTB about.

Now you need to consider your next move.

So what are your options?

This completely depends on your financial situation and whether or not you are willing to upgrade.

There is no necessity to upgrade!

If you wish to continue in MOBE without paying to upgrade, it is still possible to promote MOBE products. This has actually always been possible, but it was something which some of the coaches would not tell you.

However, now it has been recognised that this is the best option for some people, and a new level of Standard Consultant is now available to everyone. This does not require any upgrading, but you will need to pay $19 per month in order to receive commissions.

I have a friend who chose this route before it was officially recognised. She promoted MOBE products successfully without paying for any traffic, and when she had made sufficient money she decided to upgrade to the next level, and she is still doing very well. She intends to upgrade again when she has made sufficient money for that.

Of course, once again there is no pressure here to upgrade if you would rather keep your commissions for yourself!


Commissions in MOBE do vary with the level you are at – that is the reason why you are encouraged to upgrade, in order to get more commissions. But as I have said, if you do not have the money to upgrade that does not matter! There are still many products which you can promote which will pay you commission.

Standard Consultants

Standard Consultants can earn commissions on the following products:

21 Steps ………. $24.50

what is MTTB about


what is MTTB aboutwhat is MTTB about

Active Standard Consultants also get a 5% commission on all products sold by consultants they have personally sponsored, and they have access to a weekly training Seminar.

As you can see, it is possible to earn 10-50% commissions as a Standard Consultant. Higher level Consultants can earn up to 90% commissions, which, to be fair, is almost unheard of in Affiliate Marketing, but of course it is necessary to pay to upgrade in order to get them.

However, it is very easy to get access to your commissions, and there is never any problem with them being paid as I have heard there can be in other companies.

So you can see that if you do wish to join MOBE but do not wish to upgrade, there are still plenty of options open to you.

It is also possible to upgrade to the next level by making five sales of that level.

For example, if as a Standard Consultant you make five sales of the Silver Certification you will yourself then become a Silver Certified Consultant, although you will not make any commission on those five sales. But you will make Silver level commissions on all future sales you make as a Silver Consultant. You will also need to pay the $27 per month Inner Circle Membership fee.

If you do wish to upgrade…

Please be very sure that you know exactly why you are doing that, and that you are able to meet the costs without borrowing.

Costs to upgrade to higher levels:

what is MTTB about

I hope that you now understand what is MTTB about

I would not like anyone to join MOBE without being in full possession of all the facts, and  I have tried to give you those.

So would I recommend joining MOBE?


A cautious yes, with the following provisos:

  • You really understand what is involved in Online Marketing by going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate University
  • You have thoroughly researched MOBE and you really know what is involved
  • You do not under any circumstances pay more than you can afford
  • You do not use paid traffic until you can afford to do so
  • You completely realise that there is no such thing as a “get rich quick” program, and you understand that it takes work to make money online

If you do wish to join MOBE and you do so through my link, I promise that I will do everything I possibly can to help you succeed, but please know that I would never ever try to persuade you to join, or to remain if you chose to leave at a later date.

I do not believe that it is ethical to try to pressurise people into doing something against their will, and I trust that I will never be guilty of doing that.

So if you want to join MOBE in full possession of all this knowledge, click here

NB As a rule I would not recommend anyone paying to become an Affiliate. But I do not think that it is possible to become a Top Tier Affiliate with any company without parting with some money!! I have made a considerable amount of money myself with this program, so I know that it can work. But of course, it is impossible to guarantee that! It completely depends on the individual person.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to leave them in the comments box below, and I will be very happy to answer them as soon as I possibly can.

Many thanks for dropping by 🙂

what is Wealthy Affiliate University about

8 thoughts on “What Is MTTB About? My Personal Review”

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    1. Hi
      Many thanks for your kind words.:)
      No, This is entirely my own writing, based on my own experiences.
      Thank you so much for your encouragement.
      Chrissie 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I really appreciated finding this thorough look at the Mobe opportunity. I have been going through the 21 Steps and am on Step 9. I decided to not upgrade to Silver at this point and while I realize I will not benefit from the HTAM commissions without “buying in,” I look at a standard level membership as a great gateway to the learning process. If in three months I feel this is something I am either eager to expand on or I see the potential with, I can always upgrade. I am fortunate to have had a really honest, straight-shooter for a coach who understood my reasons for not leaping into the Silver membership. Many thanks for your good assessment–it confirmed the basics of what I understood about going with the Standard for now. And, that it’s ok to start there–depending on commitment and one’s learning curve, anything is possible!

    1. Hi Kim

      Thank you so much for your comments.

      I am so happy that you are using MOBE in your own way, and that you have such a good coach.
      MOBE offers great opportunities, but as you say it is a very steep learning curve,
      and I know that I really wish that I had had a chance to go through the brilliant training offered by Wealthy Affiliate before I started with MOBE.

      Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much about Affiliate Marketing, and particularly that it is not necessary to spend ridiculous amounts of money on buying traffic. If you would like to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, which gives you the chance to look around on the inside to find out how it can help you, I would love to meet you there.

      I wish you every success

      Chrissie 🙂

  4. I joined Mobe – went through training to step 20 – did not update and was never give the last step – I still get daily email for them – but I spent – what $2000 and got nothing -the so called coaches stopped talking when I did not upgrade again – and yes – you need to know something going in – in order to get anything out of it.

    1. Hi Dave
      I’m so sorry you did not have a good experience with MOBE, but I know
      That they had no right to deny you the last step, you had the right to
      remain at that level without being hassled. Lots of people do, but you
      do have to insist, which not everyone does.

      You also have the right to continue with it now if you wish, and there
      is no doubt that the training at Wealthy Affiliate would stand you in
      good stead should you ever do so.

      Once you have learned how to generate free organic traffic you would
      be fine, I object to the way that they infer that paid traffic, solo ads
      etc are the only way to go – they definitely are not and most of the time
      they just don’t work!!

      You are definitely in the right place to learn the right way to do things at
      Wealthy Affiliate, and once you have gone through the training you will be
      in the position to do anything you want to – including marketing MOBE should
      you wish, but I would never recommend it to someone with no prior knowledge of
      the Online world.

      The very best of luck to you, and very many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

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